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Bill Bowles
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Bill Bowles

Bill Bowles is a self-taught web developer. After twelve years as an electronic prepress professional in the commercial printing industry, he began to notice a decline in the printing industry as a whole. As people began to migrate more towards the web, he knew he had to make a change. He got his start by opening an HTML book and going through a couple of tutorials. After having a solid understanding of the web language, he began developing web sites for himself and the commercial printer who he worked for. Not long after this, he was offering his services as a freelance designer. He began to hone his skills and found that just making a website look nice was great, but creating a web application that actually served a functional purpose, was really what gave him a sense of accomplishment. So with that in mind, he began to focus more on development and less on design.

With a renewed focus on development, Bill began to learn ASP as a way to create applications that could produce results in a way that HTML was unable to. Not far down the road, was the mastering of database integration. At this point, he could offer the development of a web application that could look pleasing, store and retrieve data and process it all on the server.

Now that Bill was focusing primarily on website development and database integration, he is able to offer a more defined skill to prospective clients, as well as focus more on learning new web languages and technologies and less on keeping up with the latest design trends.

Now, Bill has a firm foundation on HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX and MySQL. Not forgetting his earlier days in the commercial and digital printing industry, where he mastered all prepress applications in both a Mac and PC environment, including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Bill still keeps up with all of the software and continues to look for new and innovative ways to link the two industries with variable data printing, list management and new emerging technologies. Please see Bill’s resume for his work experience.


My programming expertise is in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

I have built:

  • a store locator for Reebok Factory Outlets,
  • a marketing management system with telephone integration for American Health Promotions,
  • a large database with client login for Web Dental,
  • a commerce site for an artist with database records of all of his artwork for Larry Johnson,
  • a site for a commercial printer with file uploads, client logins, online ordering and quote requests for Touchmark, Inc.
  • as well as others...

With 12+ years of prepress experience in commercial printing, I have extensive knowledge of all prepress software on both Mac and PC platforms including QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel as well as others.

I have the ability to troubleshoot IT issues on most operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP as well as any Mac operating system.

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